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Six Mistakes to Avoid in Video Marketing


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Video marketing is very important for an online business today. However, there are many ways that a business will fail when they practice the wrong techniques. It is important to utilize video properly so you are successful with your efforts to increase web traffic.

There are many common mistakes people make when they are attempting a video ad marketing campaign. These mistakes can cost a business their success. Here are six things you should avoid when you practice video marketing.

1. Use the wrong camera. If you have a camera on your cell phone it doesnít mean you should use it for professional purposes. The quality of the resolution and picture are very poor coming from a cell phone. Never shoot your videos from a cell phone or a digital camera. Be sure to have a high quality camera so you shoot a high quality video.

2. Shooting a video in a garage. One of the biggest mistakes is the location people choose. However, you can produce a video anywhere you want to but you must be mindful about the background you have. It would be wise to invest in a backdrop for your video marketing if you are limited on space.

3. Not editing the video. Many companies shoot a video for their video ad marketing and they donít edit it. They shoot the video and walk away. This leaves space and extra breaks that are unnecessary. This may also cause a video to be far too long for the customerís attention span.

4. Not marketing. When you have a video online you have to market. You can increase web traffic when you create a website page for the video and get the word out the video is ready for viewing. Who will know your video exists if you donít practice the right methods of marketing?

5. Using the wrong person. Many video marketing ads fail because they use the wrong person in the ad. Letís face it. You need someone who is pleasing to look at and who has a voice that is pleasing to hear. A scratchy or screechy voice will only drive customers away. Someone who looks funny will only cause customers to focus on how strange the person talking looks and not on your product. Make sure the Ďfaceí of your video is someone who is nice to look at.

6. Not taking advantage of the opportunity. Video marketing is another opportunity to drive more traffic to your site. You must do everything you can with your videos. This means placing keywords in the video as an overlay. These keywords are also beneficial for search engines too. Always put your company URL in the video too.

Video marketing campaigns can go wrong in so many ways. It is important to consider many things that you should not do when you are shooting a video. These things include using a poor camera, an unattractive person, no backdrop, no editing, no marketing, and not properly taking advantage of the opportunity.

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