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Pay Per Click Management is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your site by using the pay per click search engines like Google, Yahoo & MSN

PPC Management (pay-per-click) is managing online paid search campaigns utilizing Google, Yahoo, MSN and others. From keyword development to ad creation and bid management, the goal is to lower Cost Per Acquisition while increasing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). From 10 terms to 65,000 terms, this is not something you can do in your spare time. We can help get you started with a quick start program, setting up the campaigns so that you can manage them yourself to ongoing management where we do all the work and provide you with detailed reports based on what is important to you. Click here to become familiar with some Paid Search Terms.


PPC Search Engine Marketing Placement Programs Paid Search management is a quick way to get traffic to your site from the major search engines. It can also drain your marketing budget dry in just a couple of days if not done properly. The goal of the search engines (and their strategies) is more clicks. The more people that click on your ads, the more money the search engines make. Their strategy is to get as many clicks as possible with in your budget and they are willing to do that all day long. This is great for them but bad for you.


The real goal should be more conversions with less clicks and lower cost. For lead generation sites this will mean lower cost per conversion. For ecommerce sites this will result in a higher “return on ad spend”. It is easy to figure out: profit/ad spend=ROAS% and if that % is not over 101% you are losing money! The only way to do that is to track every thing from clicks to conversions; cost per click to cost per conversion; total revenue. PPC Management should be the process that is designed to make that happen.


What We Do Manage all aspects of your Paid Search Marketing Program including: Develop and build new Paid Search Campaigns when requested. Develop and implement strategy based on analytical data for continued optimization of Accounts. Increase CTR by writing impelling and targeted ad copy. Increase ROI and ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) through aggressive bid management and A/B Testing. Track PPC at the keyword level for CPA and ROAS targets. Generate, deliver and interpret reports from detailed tracking software.


Paid Search Quick Start Program Set up your paid search accounts with search engines. Develop campaigns, ad groups, keywords. Suggest bidding strategies. Turn the account over you to manage. Fees are determined by the scope of the campaign, number of keywords and search engines.


Fixed Billing Rates Many large PPC management companies use a "% of Spend" model to determine fees. There is no motivation to keep costs low and penalizes the client for growth. Fixed Monthly Fee's are based on the number of search engines, keywords and competitive nature of the industry.


No Long Term Contracts CLICKADVANTAGE'S PPC Search Engine Marketing Placement agreements are on a month to month basis. That way, if for whatever reason it doesn't work out you're not locked into paying additional months due to contractual constraints. Plus, our month to month agreements put the burden of performance on us to continually provide value.

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