Optimized Web Design

Increase Web Traffic With An Optimized Web Design

Optimized Web Design


The best approach to a search engine friendly site is to design it that way from the very beginning. Don’t spend thousands of dollars for a flashy site that no one will ever find.

We can develop a new site or redesign an old site using the same look and feel.

  1. You supply the graphics and the content and we will provide:
  2. up to 10 total pages
  3. optimize your content for your most relevant keywords
  4. page specific Meta tags; title tag, description tag and keyword tag
  5. contact form with a database back end with web based access
  6. template in order to add new content
  7. once we have all the elements we can deliver a prototype in under 2 weeks
  8. We can also do customized the backend database for specific needs and even set it up as a basic sales contact management system (Optional). Once the site is complete we can upload it to your hosting company or we can set up hosting for you.

All sites are developed on a Windows platform and must be hosted in a Window environment.

Graphic Designers

Our team of graphic designers who are born artists with individual experiences of more than 15 years can bring to life the unimaginable. For this team, design and graphics are not a means of livelihood, but a passion built on a lifetime of observations, studies, experimenting, networking and experience.

Application Developers

Our software developers are highly skilled professionals with a passion to provide excellent solutions based on the latest technology. We develop useful applications based on Microsoft .NET technology.

Our Approach

We work hard to understand our clients requirements and then provide solutions that are custom designed for their needs. We continually study the latest available technology so we can provide the most up to date solutions. Since a good part of our development is done in India we are able to offer very competitive prices to our customers. In every area we strive to give our clients the very best for your Optimized Web Design requirements.


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We can develop a new site or redesign an old site using the same look and feel.

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